Commercial Cleaning 3

Sanitation and Cleaning

Keep Shine Building Maintenance, aiming at the quality and efficiency in the services rendered to the customers, has developed looking for sustainable solutions the Keep Shine Sanitation and Cleaning Operating System. This system is structured to create an efficient management in the Janitor Room, optimizing the purchasing process and the conscious use of the products, reducing the impact of chemical products in the nature, guaranteeing the profit of the clients when visualizing the continuous improvement of the community. The system is interactive and can be adapted to the different scenarios presented, which makes it strategic for your business.

Keep Shine professionals are highly qualified with training and specialization courses, which guarantees the quality of the services provided. Everyone receives training outside and inside the workplace, specifying the needs of each client.

  • Industrial Cleaning: Sanitation and cleaning of industrial areas and constructions.
  • Condo Cleaning: Sanitation and cleaning of residential areas and desks in condominiums.
  • Commercial Cleaning: Sanitation and cleaning of business areas and offices.
  • Church Cleaning: Sanitation and cleaning of churches.
  • Labs Cleaning: Sanitation and cleaning of laboratories.

Commercial Painting 3


With qualified, trained and certified professionals, Keep Shine Building Maintenance provides the best and most modern painting services. The company offers solutions for complex cases of corrosion, observing the legislative guidelines, offering technical evaluation of professionals certified by the NACE International Institute.

  • Industrial Painting: Painting of industries and industrial environments.
  • Commercial Painting: Painting of companies and commercial environments.
  • Residential Painting: Paints in residences and condominiums, only in places without the presence of residents or third parties.
  • Corrosion Control: Prevention and control of corrosion processes.

Office Renovation


Keep Shine Building Maintenance works with renovations in industries, commercial areas and residential areas. The responsible team acts with maximum precision and quality, taking care of the details of each structure presented by the clients. Quality products and exclusive services make every difference in the final result of any work, maintaining the continuous improvement in the structures of our clients.

  • Industrial: renovations in industrial areas and environments.
  • Commercial: renovations in commercial areas and environments and offices.
  • Home / Condo: renovations in residential areas and environments.

Industrial Cleaning 7

Floor Care

Projects for specific spaces with different techniques and optimization of products. Keep Shine Building Maintenance develops individual solutions for its customers in the creation, prevention, control and maintenance of pavements. Strategic services for the paving of your enterprise.

  • Waxing
  • Stripping
  • Sealing Floors
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Floor Painting
  • Flooring and Coating