Green Thinking

Have you ever stopped to think that every waste you create every day can help you develop new technologies that are important to the world? A lot of people know about the selective collection, but few people know in full the wonderful industry that receives all this waste and turns it into life. Keep Shine is pleased to take our commitment to the community by delivering the highest quality services essential to this industrial sector. The company’s values ​​are aligned with the international policies of sustainable development, having as guidelines the goals of sustainable development proposed by the United Nations.

By choosing to dispose of organic waste in specific bags, you are helping to improve our living environment. There is no right way if you still think frauds, bottles, condoms, ropes are an organic waste. No other waste can be thrown into the green bin. There are other ways to discard this material, in the green bin please only organic. This organic waste is sent to modern, super-technological industrial plants for processing; This process turns into biogas, energy! Yes, the remains of your food can be turned into energy. Energy is life. This life is transformed, reverting waste into a source of sustainability, as it brings renewable and inexhaustible energy to the environment. Where there is life there is a waste.

If you want to have more information on the subject can give a tip! It has an excellent website, with easy to access and didactic explanations. I will leave the link: The government in Canada offers a wealth of information on all matters involving the country. Visit the Toronto City Hall website and learn more about the Green Bin project. Keep Shine invests in quality information for all employees, motivating teams to bring technical quality to the planning and execution of services. We know about the commitment of companies that manufacture human waste, companies that value social welfare and care about tomorrow. We are all fruits of the same fate, it is up to everyone to change the course of history!