Welcome to Keep Shine


When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, Keep Shine Building Maintenance is the reference you need to have here in Canada. Since 1991 the company has been developing an operational technical work specialized in quality strategic solutions for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the exclusive environments of our clients. In order to consolidate the company and keep up the achievements of these years, businessman Jerry Tavares invests in new work practices based on sustainable development of his activities, worrying about the use of resources to cause minimal impact on the environment, improving quality of community life. The work of the company is developed in several environments, each one with its particularity. Some of our clients provide essential services to society, treating the water, sewage and organic waste generated by human consumption in our cities. That’s why Keep Shine Building Maintenance is about sustainability because it knows that investing in a better future is a win-win for all of us.

The company operates with maintenance, sanitation and cleaning in industries, laboratories, commercial and residential areas. To meet the needs of all customers and future customers with quality and mastery, Keep Shine Building Maintenance developed the Keep Shine Sanitation and Cleaning Operating Systemâ„¢ in 2018 and early 2019. This system allows the adaptation to the various environmental scenarios that the company operates, optimizing the management of the janitor room by effectively controlling the products and materials of the sector and training for each specific case skilled workers to carry out the proposed work. The concern the company has in presenting surprising results to clients is the same concern it has in training and qualifying the employees, promoting the knowledge and the training of the professional talents.

The company decided to have the year 2019 as a year of investments and innovations, creating strategies to further improve the service provided. Thinking about the company’s social function and thinking about the brightness of our customers’ eyes when seeing the final result of the service is the focus of Keep Shine. A new business management system is being adopted, serving as the framework for the creation of PMO Keep Shine in the second half of this year. With a focus on developing increasingly specialized projects, meeting the needs of the Canadian and American market, the business management system allows to develop the project management desk through the PDCA matrix, until the consolidation of the management structure started. That is, more structure, more projects, more customers, more benefits for society.

If you are looking for strategic solutions to maintaining your company’s environment, Keep Shine has the right service to meet your demand. Contact us through one of our service channels, schedule a meeting or send us your questions. On the new Keep Shine website (www.keepshine.ca) you can find the direct link to the Get a Coach form, you can specify what your demands are and then some of the company supervisors will contact you to present the solutions. Get to the Keep Shine website and schedule a visit from our team to your business. We think about your business, thinking about the community.

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